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Ogra makes installation of conical baffles mandatory in geysers

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 Published January 12, 2023

ISLAMABAD: The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (Ogra) has made the installation of conical baffles mandatory in existing geysers and in new geysers.

The decision was taken purely in consideration to conserve energy and eliminate gas shortages in the country.

The installation of conical baffles will result in 20-percent and 25-percent saving in gas bills consumed due to the use of geysers and will as such help in mitigating the ongoing natural gas crisis in the country.

The total number of gas consumers in the country are 10.65 million (SNGPL: 7.45 million & SSGC: 3.2 million) and 3.088 million consumers are connected with geysers.

Total approximate savings in gas will be 6.4 MMCFD per day with the help of this initiative. The deadline set for the installation of conical baffles is December 2023.

The Ogra conducted a public hearing on the petition of the SNGPL and the SSGCL, submitted as per directions of the federal government, for the amendment in standard gas/RLNG supply contract for domestic and commercial use.

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