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16th September 2023

Timings : 10:00 am – 05:00 pm | Venue: Expo Centre, Lahore


Fueling The Future: The Energy Mix In The New Normal


Global Energy Conference is a one-day gathering of professionals from the Oil, Gas, Power, and Smart Energy industries. This event will be held at Expo Center Lahore and will bring together the top Oil, Gas, Power, and Smart Energy experts under one roof. The conference will focus on its original theme, “Fueling the future: The Energy mix in the new normal,” highlighting the most recent advancements and trends in the industry. This conference will bring together specialists from industry and academia.

Energy consumption and economic expansions are interdependent. The Energy industries have risen to prominence as the global economy has expanded over the last century, with oil serving as its lifeblood. The energy industry has made significant strides in social responsibility, safety, and environmental protection over the past several decades. Nonetheless, a substantial amount of work remains.

We are pleased to make the Global Energy Conference a global conference where you can hear about the most recent research, network with peers worldwide, and learn from industry experts.

The one-day conference will serve as a forum for promoting innovative ideas and concepts in the energy industry to achieve sustainable development.