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Press Release Published October 12, 2022

FAISALABAD: The Faisalabad Electric Supply Company (FESCO) provided electricity to 48 villages falling in its jurisdiction during the month of September with an estimated cost of Rs61.073 million while it spent Rs97.836 million on completion of four High Tension (HT) proposals and Rs54.323 million on 62 Low Tension (LT) proposals.

On the directives of FESCO’s Chief Executive Officer Engr Bashir Ahmed and under the supervision of Project Director (Construction) Muhammad Saeed, the Project Directorate spent Rs59.741 million on completion of two feeders in Jhang, Rs4.745 million on a feeder in Sargodha and Rs33.350 million on another feeder in Mianwali.

Similarly, Rs9.749 million was spent on electrification of nine villages in Faisalabad, Rs14.998 million on electrification of 10 villages in Jhang, Rs19.749 million on electrification of 17 villages in Mianwali, and Rs16.577 million on electrification of 12 new villages in Sargodha.

A total of Rs22.711 million was spent on completion of 29 LT proposals in Faisalabad, Rs17.632 million on 18 LT proposals in Jhang, Rs8.397 million on eight LT proposals in Sargodha and Rs5.583 million on the completion of seven LT proposals in Mianwali circle.

Engr Bashir Ahmed lauded the performance of the Project Construction Directorate and directed them to complete other projects with the same zeal and dedication so that maximum relief could be provided to the consumers.

He also directed the Grid Station Operation (GSO) and Grid Station Construction (GSC) Directorates to complete maintenance and installations work at grid stations across the region as soon as possible. He was addressing the officers of the GSC and GSO Directorates held at the FESCO headquarters here.

He further directed them to wash the disk insulator to avoid tripping of electric lines due to smog and fog during upcoming season.

The CEO of FESCO said that the electrical system will be further strengthened through the annual maintenance of electrical lines, and both GSO and GSC directorates should complete this task with mutual consultation and cooperation. He said that the distribution system should be strengthened by removing the hurdles before the summer, for which the FESCO staff is fully committed and working to achieve these goals.

He further said that the up-gradation of grid stations, construction of new grids and repair of transmission lines are going on rapidly while maintenance work on old batteries, and control panel, etc are also being addressed on a priority basis.

The GSO directorate should meet the maintenance schedule of all the equipment installed at the grid stations in the month of October to increase their efficiency and provide uninterrupted flow of electricity with full voltage to the consumers, he added.

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